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A comprehensive multi-vitamin and mineral powder that dissolves quickly in a small amount of water, so it's easy to take, and absorbs without making you feel full.

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Has your diet left you feeling fatigued and sick?

Have you considered having or have you already had Weight Loss Surgery?



"How My Sister's Weight Loss
Secret Worked for Me!"

by Lilly, M.

Dear Readers,

Weight loss is such a struggle for so many people that I feel I need to share MY SUCCESS STORY with all of you. If my story helps even one person succeed in attaining their healthy weight loss goals, I’ll know it was worth the ink.

Just a few months ago, my sister was more than 100 pounds overweight and traditional diet and exercise programs weren’t helping her. She consulted her doctor and scheduled an appointment for weight loss surgery but she was required to lose 10% of the weight prior to actually having it.

In an effort to encourage her, I committed to dieting and exercising with her as I needed to lose about 40 pounds myself. Together we monitored our diet and walked every morning without fail but there was one problem…I couldn’t keep up with my significantly heavier sister.

Every morning, I woke up exhausted – I barely had enough energy to get through the walk while my sister was consistently bright-eyed and bushy-tailed – even though she was working twice as hard!

How was it possible that she could cut calories so drastically and still have enough energy to exercise when I could barely keep up? She was even reaching her weight loss goals quicker than expected!

Then one morning, right before our walk, I discovered her secret. We were about to leave for our morning walk when my sister stopped and said, “Can’t go without taking my Alvitum!” She quickly mixed one small scoop of this great smelling powder into a cold glass of water. That’s when I realized that she’d been drinking Alvitum every day and that must be her secret! It was the only thing she was doing that I wasn’t – so I asked her about it!

She told me Alvitum, recommended by her nutritionist, is a high quality comprehensive multivitamin and mineral supplement originally designed and formulated by physicians specializing in weight loss surgery and nutrition. It’s a powder that quickly dissolves in 8 ounces of water which makes it easier to take than large multivitamin pills or capsules. One small scoop per day contains all the vitamins and minerals along with additional B12, folate, and thiamin you need to stay healthy while you lose weight…and it tastes so much better than any other vitamin on the market – I know, I tried it! My sister said her doctor recommended Alvitum to supplement her dieting efforts so that as she cuts calories, she continues to keep healthy and that’s why she feels great and looks great!

So I called my doctor and asked if I could take Alvitum too even though I wasn’t having weight loss surgery. My doctor knew about Alvitum and absolutely recommended Alvitum’s Phase 1 formula for me as well.

She said anyone that’s cutting calories can benefit from the dense multivitamin and mineral supplementation that Alvitum offers! It’s a great way to lose weight and stay healthy!

After using Alvitum for just one week, I immediately noticed the difference! I felt great and I had the energy to keep u pwith my diet and exercise program…and my sister!

Now months after my sister’s surgery, she’s lost a substantial amount of weight rapidly and is looking and feeling better than ever – I am so proud of her! She continues to use Alvitum – but now Phase 2, as part of her weight loss program and she keeps on losing weight the healthy way!

As for me, I’ve reached my own weight loss goals and I feel terrific. Alvitum really made a difference in my weight loss program and now I don’t go a day without it! We all know it’s hard to diet the “right way” but with Alvitum, you really can’t go wrong – anyone looking to lose weight and keep healthy really needs to try Alvitum!

Be Healthy,
Lilly M, NY


"The Doctor's Note"
by Dr. R.D. Moccia

Lilly and her sister’s story is an inspiring one. It seems they’re really taking their health seriously – as they should be.

You could be at risk. Whether you chose to lose weight through traditional diet and exercise programs or opt for weight loss surgery, you can develop vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can be detrimental to your goals and your health.

Alvitum WILL help you keep your nutrient levels up while you cut calories and diet down regardless of how you chose to lose the weight. It offers many of the nutrients that you need - in a formula that will safely supplement appreciable weight loss, even if you aren’t following a surgical path. As usual, when it comes to a process or procedure that can significantly change your body, you should consult your physician to make sure you are in good health before you start!

Staying on track and keeping with your program is so important to weight loss, and by choosing to make Alvitum part of that program, you’ve significantly improved your odds of reaching your weight loss goals the healthy way.

The hard cold facts art that with any weight loss plan (prescribed or otherwise), staying with the program is the single biggest indicator of whether or not the person will achieve any level of lasting success.

Alvitum can definitely help.

It’s not longer acceptable to just lose weight. You need to be healthy as you lose it so you can enjoy your life as the weight comes off. Take the next step toward healthy living and order Alvitum today!

Alvitum is specially formulated to assist your goal of long-term, sustainable weight-loss. It’s a nutritional supplement originally formulated in two key phases to boost the weight loss surgery patient’s health during pre-surgery preparation and post-surgery rapid weight loss.
A comprehensive multi-vitamin and mineral powder that dissolves quickly in a small amount of water, Alvitum is easy to take, and in addition to providing the nutrients dieters and weight loss surgery patients need, it also helps to keep them hydrated. This gives patients the ability to eat small amounts of foods contained in their new diet while still getting the nutrition they need.

What Makes Alvitum different?

Until recently, no one vitamin, supplement or shake could provide the specific nutritional needs of the weight loss surgery and patients. Doctors could only recommend children’s chewable vitamins and a combination of mass market dietary supplements, none of which were truly complete. Patients had no other option but then to take these many combinations throughout the day – ultimately filling their stomachs and leaving little room for healthy meals.

Alvitum has been designed by a team of innovative doctors specializing in surgery, nutrition and general care for the unique absorption requirements of the weight loss surgery patient and candidate. Unlike chewables and shakes, Alvitum is a powder that dissolves in 8oz of water. Not only is Alvitum a complete supplement, but because patient’s take Alvitum with 8oz of water, they keep hydrated.

With Alvitum, you get:
Superior quality ingredients combined specifically for the weight loss patient and a “must have” for any dieter looking to improve nutritional status while cutting calories.
Complete levels of essential vitamins and minerals.
Easy to take supplementation – great tasting, flavored powders that dissolve well in water.
No preservatives, food dyes or additives.

Because of Alvitum’s unique delivery method – Alvitum absorbs readily upon consumption. Our customers report feeling improved energy and healthy weight loss experiences within 2 – 3 weeks of regularly using Alvitum.

"Which Alvitum Phase
is right for you?"

Phase 1 (Available with or without caffeine)

Alvitum Phase 1 was originally designed for the Weight Loss Surgery candidate during the pre-surgery preparation. Weight Loss Surgery candidates are required to lose 10% of their body weight prior to having surgery. Therefore, they are cutting calories significantly before the surgery. Without the proper supplementation, these candidates are at risk of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. We want these candidates to go into their surgery as healthy as possible – that’s why our doctors and nutritionists created Alvitum.

In addition, once these candidates do have the surgery, they are required to continue supplementation (referred to as “compliance”) for their rest of their life. Unfortunately, a growing number of patients become “non-compliant” and risk sickness or healing complications. Phase 1 helps Weight Loss Surgery patients practice “compliance” before making the surgical commitment so that they can make supplementation part of their everyday lifestyle.

Phase 1 is also perfect for those individuals seeking to maintain healthy nutritional levels while cutting calories via more traditional diet and exercise programs. Vitamin and mineral supplementation plays a large role in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Phase 1 is available with 100mg of caffeine per serving for an added thermogenic boost. This is equal to a cup of coffee.

Phase 2 For Weight Loss Surgery Patients

Following gastric bypass surgery, nutrient deficiencies persist and may even worsen over time. Severe calorie restriction and micronutrient deficits, compounded by induced malabsorption from the surgery, leave patients at risk for severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Even several years following surgery, many of patients continue to suffer from the effects of low micronutrient intake and poor utilization. Consequently, it’s important to provide a long-term supplement that meets the special needs of the Post Gastric Bypass patient. That’s why there’s Phase 2, post-surgery Alvitum. Non-filling, easily absorbable and most importantly great tasting, Alvitum is essential nutrition and specifically formulated to boost patient health and help aid in nutrient deficiencies that take place after surgery.

Also developed in an easy to use powder, Phase 2 ensures that you’re getting the precise amounts of multi-vitamin and minerals needed to recover from surgery as quickly and efficiently as possible. Because Alvitum isn’t filling, you can eat small amounts of some of the foods you want, while still getting the nutrition you need. Unlike the large pills and filling shakes on the market today, Alvitum was designed with your new post surgery stomach in mind. And, since Alvitum can help prevent you from overeating, using Alvitum consistently after surgery can help the weight stay off for good.

Alvitum’s unique two step formula starts to improve your patient’s health before undergoing surgery, to help patients experience better outcomes. Post-surgery Alvitum gives your patients the vitamins and minerals needed to help them recover and face their new future without worry.

Guaranteed Results

Alvitum™ has worked for so many thousands of people, that we're pleased to offer you the opportunity to try it absolutely risk-free. Just follow the Alvitum™ Nutrition System as outlined in our Usage Program for a full 30 days (from the date of purchase). If you are not completely satisfied with the results, simply return the empty containers (following the instructions you'll receive with your order) for a complete refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling). That's a total of 30 days that you get to try the Alvitum™ Nutrition System ON US!


"Who's Using Alvitum
Besides You?"

Alvitum was originally formulated by an innovating team of doctors for weight loss surgery candidates and patients and has been used successfully by over thousands of men and women including nurses, housewives, doctors, truck drivers, office workers, students, and people just like you.

Now these people take Alvitum as part of their everyday healthy lifestyle – whether they’ve considered having (or have had) weight loss surgery or they’re trying to lose weight through more traditional diet and exercise program.

Many, just like you, have found permanent success with Alvitum – are you next? What are you waiting for?

Here are just a few of the thousands of success stories for Alvitum™.

"At my first post-op visit for clinical nutrition, my doctor recommended a new product called Alvitum. Because she was so passionate about what it would do for me, I ordered the product. I am happy to say she was right. The product arrived at a time in my recovery when I was experiencing extreme weakness and fatigue. I started taking Alvitum immediately and, on the fourth day, I realized how much better I was feeling. I was feeling noticeably stronger, my fatigue level had dropped considerably and I had much more energy. By the end of the week I was feeling like my old self. I am now six weeks post op and doing wonderfully. Alvitum is pleasant tasting and is not gritty in any way. I would highly recommend Alvitum to anybody who is preparing for, or who has had, gastric bypass surgery. In fact, I have recommended Alvitum to my entire bypass support group." – Linda G., Albany, NY

”Since taking Alvitum, my energy levels have boosted tremendously! I’m finally able to start using my lighter body and be more active with my husband and children.” – Patty, C. Philadelphia, PA

“I love being part of the Alvitum – Healthy for Life club. You know how it can be – sometimes you run out of something you need and ‘out of sight – out of mind’ – before you know it, you keep putting off picking up your vitamins and ultimately start compromising your health. Now, I don’t have to worry about that because every month my vitamins are delivered directly to me – on time. It’s such a relief to know how reliable Alvitum is - in more than one way!” – Diane L, Austin, TX

“I was so tired of chewing those foul tasting vitamins – Alvitum tastes absolutely wonderful! It’s so refreshing, that I actually look forward to drinking it in a nice cold glass of H20!” – Jenna M. Miami Beach, FL

“My doctor gave me a list of vitamins because no one vitamin had it all. I was stuck taking pill after pill and I had to supplement my supplements – yuck! With Alvitum, I get all the nutrients I need in one product - and it tastes great!” – Shayna, P. Detroit, MI

“I had a lot of questions about the nutrients and how well they are absorbed considering my special needs as a bariatric patient. All of my questions were addressed immediately from the team of doctors that actually created Alvitum. They took the time to explain why Alvitum was right for me and answered all of my questions until I was comfortable with the answers. I was relieved to discover that Alvitum was designed by a group of highly experienced and educated doctors specializing in bariatric surgery, care and nutrition.” – Maya, B. San Diego, CA

“My wife’s doctor recently recommended Alvitum to her post-surgery. She told me she liked it so much and felt she had more energy since taking them that I should try it. I gave it a try and now I don’t go a day without my Alvitum – I would recommend it to anyone that’s simply looking for a better quality vitamin. ” – Robert N., Princeton, NJ

“Alvitum, thanks so much for a quality, easy to use and swallow vitamin – made just for me! Gastro-bypass patients have a hard enough challenge just trying to get better after the surgery – you’ve made that process and the taste much easier for me – really you’ve made my life much easier.”
– Inga, K., Atlanta, GA


"So, Are You Ready to
Get Started?"

Alvitum Healthy for Life Introductory Offer

Alvitum Healthy for Life Introductory Offer

Customer Care

We believe that support is one of the most important aspects of what we do at Alvitum™. In order to get optimal results, you may have additional questions about our products or you may even have a question about your purchase. Please email us your comments or questions via email:

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